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Regulate your menses

Hips tightened for a better contour

Detoxifies your organs and prevents stagnation

Enhances blood circulation to the uterus and cervix thereby boosting fertility

Eliminates symptoms caused by cold uterus, such as lower abdominal pain, leucorrhoea,

menstrual cramps, and menstrual disorders 

Benefits beyond the physical surface:

Rejuvenation of Mind & Body

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Better Sleep

Monthly care routine

Your monthly detox and rejuvenation to a healthier life

• Tailored to your specific needs.

• Cancel anytime.

• 60mins of rejuvenation and detoxification per session.

• We'll come to you at no additional cost.

What makes our treatment different from others

What makes our treatment different from others

Scientifically backed treatment at the comfort of your home

For the curious

Any questions? We're here for anyone and everyone in our community.

For Enquiries

Ask us anything — We know there are many considerations to take into account before starting a treatment.

For Booking / Rescheduling of Appointments

Make your appointment as easy as chatting with your loved one. We're just a WhatsApp message away.

Womb Care

Maintain a healthy womb with scientifically proven methods.

Tailored to your specific needs.

60mins of rejuvenation per session.

We'll come to you at no additional cost.

Certified Therapist

Our therapists are trained to carry out the therapy using the FDA-approved medical equipment in combination with manual massage techniques.

Recover Physically & Mentally

In addition to stimulating tissue repair, reducing symptoms, and reducing pain and inflammation, it also provides a unique way to relax your body and mind, without any side effects.

Womb Care

It's entirely safe to undergo treatment even when you're on your period or going through menopause.

This treatment will focus mainly on restoring the mucosa of the vaginal area during this time. Additionally, our customers who have experienced pelvic pain have reported a reduction in pain that has lasted for several weeks between treatments.

Scientifically Backed

A specific 448kHz frequency is used in our radiofrequency therapy that gradually raises the temperature of the treated tissues. This triggers the body's natural healing and repair process.


Each of our therapists is certified and has been trained prior to using the technology in combination with manual hand techniques to ensure optimal results.

Create Wellness



It is non-invasive, painless, and can be done over a long period of time without causing any side effects.

Instead of commuting and waiting for appointments, we'll come to you at no additional cost.

Immediate visible results just on the very first session.


The treatment's benefits extend far beyond its physical surface and are scientifically supported. It promotes good mental health, helps people sleep better, reduces anxiety, and reduces stress.


Our technology is CE-marked and FDA-approved.

Individualized treatment tailored to meet your specific needs.

Womb Care Trial — $88 nett (45mins)

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