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• Promoting blood circulation.

• Relieving muscle aches.

• Normalizing menstrual cycles.

• Easing digestion problem.

• Improving sleep.

• Boosting energy.

• Relieve indigestion.

• Relieve menstrual cramps

• Promotes weight loss

• Balances the body's energy by nourishing the liver yin and calming the liver yang.

• Regulates menstruation.

• Relieve menstrual cramps.

• Warms the liver and kidneys.

• Expels cold and alleviates pain.

• Regulates Qi and harmonizes the stomach.

• Tonifies the spleen and augments Qi.

• Moderates spasms and alleviates pain.

• Clears the liver (heat), clears the vision and benefits the eyes.

• Calms the liver and anchors liver Yang.

• Reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

• Moistens the intestines and unclogs the bowels.

• Promotes the movement of Qi and alleviates pain.

• Adjusts and regulates stagnant Qi in the intestines.

• Strengthens the spleen and prevents stagnation.

• Dispels damp-heat and harmonizes the liver and spleen.

Heat therapy formulated with herbs

Made of a variety of high-quality herbs that work together to create a remedy that is especially effective for those who are experiencing menstrual cramps as well as muscle aches and strains. Heat will cause the benefits of the herbs to be absorbed via the skin. The blocked energy is moved within as a result of the warming of the qi points, which also improves blood circulation.

For the curious

Create Wellness Warmer

Providing you the relief whenever you need it.

Free shipping.

53% Linen 47% Cotton

Inner pouch + Outer pouch

​​Reheat, Relieve, Reuse

​​Reheat, Relieve, Reuse

​​Reheat, Relieve, Reuse

​​Reheat, Relieve, Reuse

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