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Postnatal Therapy

As low as $383.30 per month when you pay in installments with atome.


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Who is this for

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms,

it's time to take action

  • Sagging Skins

  • Water Retention Problem

  • Diastasis Recti Problem

  • Stubborn Fats

  • Stretch Marks

  • Difficulty Regaining your 
    Pre-Pregnancy Shape

Immediate visible results after first session

As soon as the first treatment is completed, you will notice an immediate effect of:

Skin Rejuvenation

Tighter Skin

Improvements in Stretch Marks

Enhance Body Contour

Decrease in stubborn fats

Decrease in water retention

Improvements in conditions like sagging skin, flabby arms, and flabby legs 

CE marked and FDA approved medical technology

Our therapists are trained to carry out the therapy using the FDA-approved medical equipment in combination with manual massage techniques.


More benefits

Aside from improving your physical condition, the treatment also benefits your internal health:

Body Regeneration

Improves Menstrual Pain & Cramps Problem

Eliminates Toxins

Enhance Diastasis Recti Result

Benefits of therapy with us



Create Wellness

Certified Therapist

Customized Treatment

Privacy at Home

Clinical Equipment

Immediate Result

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Feel the difference with our postnatal treatment

We believe in making your recovery experience as smooth and comfortable as possible, so you can get back to living your pre-pregnancy life quickly.

45 minutes

per session

Inclusive of transportation fee



$88 nett /per session


45 minutes

per session

Inclusive of transportation fee

Personalised treatment base on your needs


1 Session

$270 nett /per session

5 Sessions

$1150 nett

$230 nett /per session

10 Sessions

$2050 nett

$205 nett /per session


1 Session

$300 nett /per session

5 Sessions

$1350 nett

$270 nett /per session

10 Sessions

$2350 nett

$235 nett /per session

60 minutes

per session

Inclusive of transportation fee

Personalised treatment base on your needs


Real People, Real Results

Target: Postnatal Treatment - Reduce Waistline

Treatment: In total, 10 sessions over 1 month, alternating between 2 and 3 sessions per week

Results: Enhance body contours and body shapes, along with visible skin tightening result.

We have categorised the below treatment into three stages: Recovery, Replenishment, Regain & Revitalisation

Before Front - Manisha.jpg
After Front - Manisha.jpg


1st - 3rd Session

  • Recovery of the womb

  • Lochia is discharged

  • Decrease bloatedness

  • Reduce post-surgical adhesions and swelling

  • Decrease water retention

  • Improves cell regeneration to reduce scarring and stretch marks (c-section).


4th - 6th Session

  • Water retention and bloating are reduced further

  • Further reduction in scarring and stretch marks by continuing cell regeneration procedure

  • Improve the placement of internal organs

  • Blood circulation is improved

  • Relaxes muscles to relieve discomforts

Regain & Revitalise​

7th - 10th Session

  • Reduced waist circumference

  • Improve uterine positioning

  • Regain womb warmth

  • Blood and oxygen flow through tissues are improved

  • Increase metabolism to lose weight

  • Stretch marks are reduced

  • Tightening effect on the skin

" After my sessions, I can see that I've lost significantly the water retention in my body. I can really feel that my tummy has become smaller and firmer. The plus point is that it can be done at home. "

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